Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World

Setup during HiTech AlkCarb: an online database of alkaline rock and carbonatite occurrences

Glenover, South Africa

The Glenover carbonatite complex in South Africa is included here as a natural laboratory because of significant findings of scandium, an element enrichment that is usually rare in carbonatites. This carbonatite has a diameter of over 8 km and has been dated at 1 Ga (Verwoerd, 1967). It has therefore experienced significant weathering resulting in the residual, secondary REE enriched apatite deposit which is presently being investigated. A number of Sc enriched pyroxenites have been identified occurring as ring dikes within the complex. Much of this information has been confidential but the holding company Fer-Min-Ore would like to collaborate and increase its knowledge base.

Siegfried et al., 2018 In search of the forgotten rare earth, Geoscientist

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