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Kraemer O (Kraemers Island)


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: -31.97, Latitude: 68.2

At Jagtlejren at the southwest end of Kraemer O a mass of peralkaline quartz syenite, sometimes layered, crops out. It may be related to the Bagnaesset syenite, which lies on the opposite side of Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord, 10 km to the west, and is one of the intrusions peripheral to the Kangerdlugssuaq intrusion (No. 17). Kraemer O is cut by numerous Tertiary dykes of several generations (Nielsen, 1978, Fig. 4); many of these are tholeiitic, but some are alkaline including comenditic types (Brooks and Rucklidge, 1976). A dyke on Kraemer O consisting of quartz, perthite, astrophyllite, arfvedsonite, aegirine, fluorite and zircon has been described by Layne and Rucklidge (1982). Two rock analyses are given by Deer and Kempe (1976, Table 6).


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Fig. 1_90 Distribution of alkaline complexes in the vicinity of Kangerdlugssuaq.
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