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Rio Chirripo and Fila de Matama


Occurrence number: 
Costa Rica
Limon and Cartago
Longitude: -83.33, Latitude: 9.92

Along the northeastern side of the Cordillera de Talamanca, particularly on the Fila de Matama and in the Rio Chirripo, occur lavas of alkali basalt, basanite and nephelinite. The distribution is not known and no petrographic descriptions are available. The norm of a nephelinite (Robin and Tournon, 1978, Table 2, No. 1) includes Or, 5.56; Ab, 10.12; An, 16.75; Ne, 9.83; Di, 25.42 and Ol, 13.85, suggesting perhaps a basanite rather than a nephelinite.

(?)Pliocene (Wadge and Wooden, 1982, Table 2).

ROBIN, C. and TOURNON, J. 1978. Spatial relations of andesitic and alkaline provinces in Mexico and Central America. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 15: 1633-41. WADGE, G. and WOODEN, J.L. 1982. Late Cenozoic alkaline volcanism in the northwestern Caribbean: tectonic setting and Sr isotopic characteristics. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 57: 35-46

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