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Mann 1


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: -62.38, Latitude: 54.23

The Mann 1 occurrence lies some 12 km northeast of the North Red Wine complex (Fig. 79) and is associated with a fault breccia zone in variable peralkaline syenite. It consists of a lenticular mass of about 2x0.5 km lying between comenditic rocks of the Letitia Lake Group and fine grained, peralkaline syenite. The alkaline rocks appear to be metasomatized and melted Letitia Lake Group rocks, the whole having a migmatitic appearance. The alkaline rocks are correlated by Curtis and Currie (1981) with their hybrid syenites (unit 11) and comprise heterogeneous and fractured rocks with a more leucocratic portion consisting of albite, arfvedsonite and quartz with subordinate aegirine, schizolite, pectolite and aenigmatite, and a host mesocratic rock of plumose albite, with eudialyte, neptunite and pyrochlore. Near pegmatitic veinlets are traces of barylite, eudidymite, neptunite, niobophyllite, pyrochlore and other beryllium minerals.

Prospected as a uranium then as a beryllium deposit. Average grades of 0.35-0.4% BeO were proved in one zone and continued to a depth of at least 60 m (Evans and Dujardin, 1961).

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Fig. 1_79 Location of the Mann 1, Mann 2, North Red Wine and South Red Wine occurrences together with other small areas of peralkaline rocks within the vicinity (after Curtis and Currie, 1981, Fig. 39).
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