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Mount Megantic


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Longitude: -71.12, Latitude: 45.45

A mountain rising some 600-700 m above the surrounding plain is underlain by a central biotite granite around which, on the northern side, is an arcuate intrusion of gabbro/diorite around which again is a separate circular intrusion of syenite. The gabbro/diorite rocks comprise poikilitic kaersutite, plagioclase (An83-20), titanaugite, biotite and magnetite. The syenites are made of perthite, aegirine, augite and fayalite which may be rimmed by green amphibole. Up to 10% quartz is present with accessory apatite, sphene, allanite and zircon. Plagioclase- biotite lamprophyre dykes occur around the intrusion as well as feldspar-free analcime melteigites. Analyses for major and trace elements, including REE and Sr isotopes, and some mineral data will be found in Eby (1985a) and Pb isotopes in Eby (1985b).

Placer gold was once mined in the area; its source is not known but it may have been Mount Megantic.
Fission-track dating of apatite from gabbro gave 134±8 Ma and Rb-Sr 133 Ma (Eby, 1984b). A detailed palaeomagnetic study to try to elucidate ambiguities in the earlier radiometric ages has been made by Seguin and St-Hilaire (1985).

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Fig. 1_71 Mount Megantic (after Currie, 1976a, Fig. 16 - which is after Reid, 1961).
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