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Quinnville And Templeton


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: -75.7, Latitude: 45.57

A small body of carbonatite lies 1.9 km north-northeast of Quinnville. Unfortunately the outcrop was built over before it could be studied in detail.
A small carbonatite also occurs in Templeton Township some 3 km north-northwest of Quinnville. The carbonatite is a reddish, brecciated, calcite rock with considerable baryte, fine-grained phlogopite, acicular apatite, clots of magnetite, and striking golfball-sized and shaped nodules of aegirine, magnesio-arfvedsonite and microcline. The rocks contain an average of 3.26% BaO, 1.48% SrO, and 1450 p.p.m. Ce. A well developed fenite aureole surrounds the carbonatite and similar areas of fenite occur elsewhere in the vicinity although with no evidence of carbonatite. They are distinctively red, usually zoned, and initially marked by brecciation and introduction of hematite, followed by aegirine, magnesio-arfvedsonite and phlogopite, and followed later still by calcite, baryte, rutile and albite. Chemical analysis gave 3.00% Na2O and 10.86% K2O.


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