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Takomkane Mountain Area


Occurrence number: 
British Columbia
Longitude: -120.92, Latitude: 52.17

Takomkane Mountain is an isolated volcanic cone with a single lava flow of nephelinite containing abundant xenoliths of spinel lherzolite. About 45 km further east are extensive Tertiary and Quaternary volcanics within the Wells Gray Provincial Park, which are principally alkali olivine basalts and basanitoids (normative, but no modal nepheline). The Takomkane nephelinite consists of olivine microphenocrysts in a very fine grained groundmass with augite microlites, magnetite and nepheline which was detected by X-ray diffraction. No feldspar or other feldspathoid was detected. A norm indicates Or 18%, Ab 1%, An 2%, Ne 23% with the rest essentially pyroxene, olivine, magnetite and apatite.


FIESINGER, D.W. and NICHOLLS, J. 1977. Petrography and petrology of Quaternary volcanic rocks, Quesnel Lake region, east-central British Columbia. Special Paper, Geological Association of Canada, 16: 25-38.

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