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Goosly Lake


Occurrence number: 
British Columbia
Longitude: -126.17, Latitude: 54.17

Goosly Lake is an approximately square-shaped stock of about 3x3 km which cuts early Mesozoic lavas and pyroclastic rocks. The rocks of the stock vary from gabbro to syenomonzonitic varieties. The former consist essentially of plagioclase, augite, pseudomorphs after olivine and accessories. Accessory feldspathoidal minerals are described as occurring in some samples of the gabbro, with no further details. The syenomonzonite contains in addition K-feldspar and some quartz. Two other similar, but smaller, bodies occur 13 and 25 km west-southwest of the Goosly stock, but petrographic details are not available. Church (1970, p.123) suggests that the stocks are the source of the extensive Tertiary volcanics of the area.

Two miles east of Goosly Lake Kennco discovered a replacement sulphide deposit with lenses of pyrite-chalcopyrite and pyrrhotine and disseminations of pyrite-chalcopyrite- tetrahedrite. The Silver Queen Mine 35 km to the west-southwest is located on fissure-filled veins of pyrite, sphalerite, some galena, local chalcopyrite and minor tennantite. Both occurrences are associated with alkaline dykes which are probably related to the stocks.
K-Ar on Goosly syenononzonite gave 48.8±3 Ma (Church, 1970, p. 123).

CHURCH, B.N. 1970. Geology of the Owen Lake, Parrott Lakes, and Goosly Lake area. Geology, exploration and mining in British Columbia. British Columbia Department of Mines and Petroleum Resources: 119-25.

Fig. 1_12 Goosly Lake stock and two adjacent stocks of similar composition (after Church, 1970, Fig. 10).
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