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Sao Paulo
Longitude: -49.2, Latitude: -24.5

This is a body of about 4.5 km2 elongated northwest-southeast and intruded into Precambrian granites of the Tres Corregos complex. Itapirapua comprises mainly nepheline syenites with lesser amounts of melteigite, malignite, pulaskite, mariupolite and carbonatite; dykes of tinguaite are present within and around the intrusion and some marginal fenitization occurs. The nepheline syenites contain aegirine-augite/aegirine, studied by Gomes et al. (1970), and much cancrinite, some sodalite and melanite, zoned examples of which were investigated by Gomes (1969); biotite, wollastonite, pectolite, fluorite, eucolite, pyrite, pyrrhotine, calcite and zeolites also occur. Analyses of a range of rocks are given by Gomes and Dutra (1970). The carbonatites, which form small dykes and veins, are orthoclase sovites and apatite-orthoclase sovites. They are confined to the central part of the intrusion where they cut nepheline syenite; analyses are available in Gomes and Dutra (1969). The fenites include aegirine-augite and alkali-amphibole-bearing varieties.

A funnel-shaped orebody on the southern side of the complex is being worked for granular magnetite.
104.8 Ma on alkali feldspar from nepheline syenite and 101.4 Ma on biotite from melteigite, both by K-Ar (Amaral et al. 1967; Gomes and Cordani, 1965).

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Fig. 1_219 The Itapirapua and Barra do Itapirapua intrusions (after D'Elboux et al. 1982, Fig. 3).
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