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Europa Granite


Occurrence number: 
Roraima Federal Territory
Longitude: -60.18446, Latitude: 0.83673

The Europa Granite is a granitoid intrusion belonging to the Madeira suite of the Pitinga province of northern Brazil. Structural data for the complex is scarce due to its location on a protected indigenous territory, but the pluton is known to be roughly circular with a diameter of 7-9 km and to intrude the felsic volcanic rocks of the Iricoumé Group. The Europa granite is hypersolvus and peralkaline, with minerals including aegirine and arfvedsonite-riebeckite amphibole. Whole rock major and trace element analysis from a sample obtained from the southern border of the complex was performed by Costi et al. (2009)

1829 ± 1 Ma Pb-Pb zircon (Costi et al., 2000)

COSTI, H.T., DALL’AGNOL, R. & MOURA, C., 2000. Geology and Pb-Pb Geochronology of Paleoproterozoic Volcanic and Granitic Rocks of Pitinga Province, Amazonian Craton, Northern Brazil. International Geology Review 42 pp 832-849. COSTI, H.T., DALL’AGNOL, R., PICHAVANT, M. & RÄMÖ, O.T., 2009. The peralkaline tin-mineralized Madeira cryolite albite-rich granite of Pitanga, Amazonian Craton, Brazil: petrography, mineralogy and crystallization processes. The Canadian Mineralogist 47 pp 1301-1327

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