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Satah Mountain Volcanic Field


Occurrence number: 
British Columbia
Longitude: -124.69, Latitude: 52.48

The Satah Mountain Volcanic Field is located in the Chilcotin Highland of western British Columbia, belonging to the central segment of the E-W oriented Anahim Volcanic Belt. It forms the NNW-SSE trending, ~50 by 20 km long Satah Ridge composed of tephra cones, domes, plugs, and lava flows. Lavas found at these volcanic centres consist of an alkaline, bimodal suite of rocks, ranging from basanites and trachybasalts to trachytes and phonolites. Most rocks are metaluminous with some in the north of the volcanic field being peralkaline and aegirine-normative. Quartz-normative centres are restricted to the southern section of the field. Geochemical data, including major and trace elements, and sampling localities can be found in Kuehn (2014).

2.52-0.91 Ma Ar-Ar (Kuehn, 2015)

KUEHN, C., 2014. A Second North American Hot-spot: Pleistocene Volcanism in the Anahim Volcanic Belt, west-central British Columbia. Doctoral Thesis, University of Calgary. KUEHN, C., GUEST, B., RUSSELL, J.K. & BENOWITZ, J.A., 2015. The Satah Mountain and Baldface Mountain volcanic fields: Pleistocene hot spot volcanism in the Anahim Volcanic Belt, west-central British Columbia, Canada. Bulletin of Volcanology 77, 19

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