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Ilha Do Monte De Trigo


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Sao Paulo
Longitude: -45.78, Latitude: -23.87

The island of Monte de Trigo is 1.2x1.3 km, 90% of which is foyaite and the rest melatheralite with minor olivine gabbro, jacupirangite, teschenite and essexite. The foyaite consists of alkali feldspar, nepheline (2-11%), barkevikite, aegirine-augite and a little biotite, sodalite or analcime. The theralites are dominated by olivine (4-28%), augite (44-75%) and plagioclase (7-15%), but nepheline may reach 15% and there is variable amphibole and biotite. Dykes of microfoyaite are abundant, but phonolites, rhomb porphyries, lamprophyres and shonkinites are also represented.

80 Ma by K-Ar on foyaite and rhomb porphyry (Amaral et al. 1967); 79.8 Ma by K-Ar on biotite from rhomb porphyry (Bushee, 1974).

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Fig. 1_215 Ilha do Montao de Trigo (after Coutinho and Melcher, 1973, Fig. 1).
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