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Santo Antonio Da Barra (Rio Verde)


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Longitude: -50.7, Latitude: -17.5

Essentially a volcanic province of flows, pyroclastic deposits and numerous vents and plugs covering in all some 300 km2. Lavas and breccias of analcimite and olivine analcimite are predominant and contain phenocrysts of titanaugite, olivine, which is invariably altered, and analcime in a matrix of titanaugite, analcime, magnetite, perovskite, zeolite, nepheline, phlogopite, apatite and kaersutite. Leucite has been reported but J. C. M. Danni (personal communication, 1981) suggests that analcime was probably mis-identified. Abundant amygdales are filled with zeolite and calcite. Plugs and dykes are principally fourchites and melamonchiquites with rare analcime phenocrysts, and are hypabyssal equivalents of the lavas. Gaspar and Danni (1979) describe analcime phenocrysts ascribing to them a primary igneous origin. Phonolites are rare. Moraes (1984) has described melilite melanephelinite and basaltoid flows and pyroclastics. Dunite and wehrlite nodules occur. Carbonatitic lavas and pyroclastics locally cap the analcimites. Various types are described, usually comprising carbonatitic and silicate fractions, the former ranging between 30 and 65% (Gaspar and Danni, 1981).

85±8 Ma (Hasui et al. 1971); 125-130 and 70-93 Ma (Bez et al. 1971).

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Fig. 1_200 Santo Antonio da Barra (after Gaspar and Danni, 1981, Fig. 3).
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