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Santa Fe (Tiva Pressa)


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Longitude: -51.17, Latitude: -15.75

Santa Fe is a zoned ultramafic intrusion of the Ipora Group of about 45 km2, emplaced in Precambrian granites and gneisses and Devonian sandstones and conglomerates. A large core consists of serpentinized dunite, together with peridotite, wehrlite and olivine clinopyroxenite. The dunites contain a little pyroxene and 5-10% opaques. Malignite and missourite are subordinate rock types, the latter comprising diopside/augite (50-60%), leucite (15-20%), olivine (10-15%) and biotite (5-10%), and some apatite and opaques, while the malignites consist of poikilitic orthoclase, nepheline, diopside/augite, biotite, apatite and opaques. A metamorphic aureole extends up to 500 m from the contact. Dykes of peralkaline quartz syenite occur containing 30-50% aegirine. Zones of vermiculitization occur within the dunites and peridotite.

Garnierite occurs in residual laterite; vermiculite is also present.
K-Ar determinations yielded 74.4±3.4 Ma on essexite; 84.7±1.8 Ma on missourite; 82.6±4.5 to 88.4±2.7 Ma on malignite and 86.6± 4.5 Ma on a lamprophyre dyke (Barbour et al. 1979).

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Fig. 1_196 The Ipora Group of occurrences of alkaline intrusions of central Goias. and Fig. 1_197 Santa Fe (after Barbour, 1976, Fig. 2).
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