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Las Chacras


Occurrence number: 
San Luis
Longitude: -65.75, Latitude: -32.58

A small plug lying just to the south-southeast of Las Chacras, and four others in the vicinity, cut Precambrian granites and gneisses. They are described as basalts but plagioclase occurs in only one of six specimens described by Pandolfi (1943). They consist essentially of olivine, sometimes serpentinized, pyroxene and magnetite, with biotite and analcime in four of the six rocks described, melilite in two of them and nepheline and natrolite in one. They appear to be related to the olivine nephelinites.

Dating by K-Ar on rocks from two plugs gave 85±5 and 83±5 Ma (Valencio et al. , 1980, Table 1).

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