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Los Cobres


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: -66.25, Latitude: -23.8

A peralkaline granite pluton covering 7x3 km cuts and hornfelses Ordovician sediments of the Chiquero Formation northeast of Cobres on the Sierra de Los Cobres. The granite consists of microcline, albite, riebeckite, aegirine and accessories, including pyrochlore. Biotite and amphibole syenites crop out amongst modern sediments east of the granite, but the amphibole is ferrohastingsite and the pyroxene augite. However, tinguaite has been found in the Los Cobres area (Quartino & Llambias, 1964, p. 7).

Rb-Sr whole rock determinations on riebeckite granite from near El Rangel at the northern end of the intrusion gave 123±6 and 129±8 Ma (Halpern & Latorre, 1973, Table 1).

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