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Taveta Area


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 37.75, Latitude: -3.25

The northwestern part of the Taveta area (Bear, 1955) is covered by lavas that originated both from local small vents and from Kilimanjaro to the west in Tanzania. The area to the north has not been surveyed but it is known that the lavas continue into that area. The lava succession from the base upwards is (1) dense basalts, (2) basalts with olivine and augite phenocrysts with subordinate flows of porphyritic picritic basalt, and (3) basalts and olivine soda trachytes. Nephelinite, olivine nephelinite, phonolitic trachyte and phonolite as well as blocks of crinanite have been found in the area but not in situ.


BEAR, L.M. 1955. Geology of the Taveta area. Report, Geological Survey of Kenya, 32: 1-48.

Fig. 3_124 General map showing the distribution of volcanic rocks in southeastern Kenya. The areas covered include the North Machakos-Thika area (085-00-65), the Yatta Plateau (085-00-66), the Amboseli area (085-00-72) and the Taveta area (085-00-73). (based on Geological Map of Kenya, 1:1,000,000, 1987).
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