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Longitude: 37.13, Latitude: 9.13

Le Bas and Mohr (1968, Fig. 1) indicate the presence of feldspathoidal rocks at four localities in the vicinity of Lekempti. They are apparently plug-like features. Comucci (1948 and 1950) refers to "tinguaite (phonolite) plugs from W Lekempti" and Raisin (1903) describes tinguaite from ‘E Lekempti’. Raisin (1903) also describes several rocks from near Bilo on the Gibbe River which include phonolite and coarser nepheline-bearing rocks. The nepheline is accompanied by alkali feldspar, aegirine to aegirine-augite, and in one specimen katophorite and riebeckite occur together with aenigmatite, while a phonolite contains sodalite. The field relationships of these rocks are not described.


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