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Longitude: 46.15, Latitude: 39.45

The Elpinskii complex is located within the Zavozhen-Akhavnadzorskaya tectonic depression in the south of Armenia. The earliest manifestations of igneous activity are represented by analcime basalts, the thickness of which is from 25 to 30 m. Higher in the section there occur analcime tephrites in the form of both lavas and explosive breccias which in their turn are succeeded by potassium-rich (leucitic) tephrites and dykes of hauyne-bearing basalt. Immediately above these rocks there occur trachyandesites and trachytes which are overlain by both effusive and subvolcanic trachytes and trachyrhyolites.

K-Ar determinations on whole rocks gave 12.5 to 14.5 Ma (Bazarova and Kazaryan, 1986.

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