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Pyrochlore as a monitor for processes at Kaiserstuhl

Ben Walter and colleagues have published a new paper on "Pyrochlore as a monitor for magmatic and hydrothermal processes in carbonatites from the Kaiserstuhl volcanic complex (SW Germany)" Please find the open access publication here

 Figure 2. Geology of the Karbonatites in the Kaiserstuhl. (A) Simplified map of the central part of the Kaiserstuhl (modified from Wimmenauer, 2003) with locations of the four scientific drillings. (B) Schematic W-E profile through the Horberig and western Badberg area. The profile is based on field observations and drill cores and logs. The black subhorizontal line indicates the valley S of the Badberg (see Fig. 2A). (C) Schematic illustration (not to scale) of the hypothetical, initially (sub)vertical, pipe-like structure showing the different carbonatite occurrences at the Kaiserstuhl.

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