Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World

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Canadian occurrences of alkaline rocks have previously been listed and described in some detail in the monograph by Currie (1976a), although a significant number that have come to light since that publication will be found here. These new localities notably include extensive areas of peralkaline granites in Newfoundland, and of alkaline volcanics and intrusives in British Columbia, and it seems likely that many future discoveries will be concentrated in the latter area.
Many of the more northerly carbonatite occurrences are only poorly known and have not been dated. Although generally badly exposed, many have been drilled but rarely have findings been published. Many Canadian occurrences have been investigated for their economic potential (see, for instance, Ferguson, 1971) and important mining operations for nepheline syenite at Blue Mountain and Nb at St-Honore are taking place, with active exploration and appraisal for phosphate and vermiculite elsewhere. A number of occurrences in Ontario is described by Parsons (1961) and nearly 30 Ontario carbonatites have recently been re-investigated by R.P. Sage, although his internal reports were not available when the present accounts were compiled. K-Ar ages on numerous carbonatites in eastern Canada are given by Gittins et al.(1967) and of a broader range of alkaline rocks by Doig and Barton (1968). Rb-Sr ages and Sr isotopic ratios for many Ontario occurrences have been published by Bell et al. (1982).



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