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Lac Albanel


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: -73, Latitude: 50.92

Several areas of peralkaline granite and gneissic nepheline syenite occur southeast of Lake Albanel. Three areas of granite were mapped by Neilson (1953, Map No. 918), the largest nearly 2 km across, but they cross into adjacent map areas so their full extent and development is not known. The rock is described as containing more than 10% quartz, some parts being quartz syenite rather than granite, microline (40%), hastingsite (20%) and a little aegirine. Nepheline syenites form a conformable lens, the rock consisting of microcline and orthoclase, a little albite, some 25% nepheline with intergrown cancrinite, green biotite, hastingsite, aegirine and accessories.

NEILSON, J.M. 1953. Albanal area, Mistassani Territory. Quebec Department of Mines, Geological Surveys Branch, Geological Report, 53: 1-35.
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