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St-Andre (St.-Andre Avelin)


Occurrence number: 
Montreal area
Longitude: -74.33, Latitude: 45.57

Carbonatite is reported at St-Andre in the SOQUEM Annual Report for 1968 (Gold and Marchand, 1969, p. 10) but no further details are available.

GOLD, D.P. and MARCHAND, M. 1969. The diatreme breccia pipes and dykes, and the related alnoite, kimberlite and carbonatite intrusions occurring in the Montreal and Oka areas, P.Q. Part 1: The alnoite, kimberlite, and diatreme breccia pipes and dykes. In Geology of the Monteregian Hills (Ed. G. Pouliot). Geological Association of Canada - Mineralogical Association of Canada, Guidebook: 5-42.
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