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Mckim Township


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: -80.98, Latitude: 46.45

Breccia bodies lying southeast of the Sudbury Basin comprise fragments of quartzite and gabbro in a finely comminuted matrix. Enhanced values of K2O, TiO2, P2O5, Rb, Zr, Y, Ba and Sr in the matrix are considered to be comparable with the chemical changes in fenites, and an intrusion of alkaline character is postulated to occur at depth. However, secondary peralkaline minerals have not been identified and the K2O values are much lower than those normally associated with potassic fenites.

DUPUIS, L., WHITEHEAD, R.E.S. and DAVIES, J.F. 1982. Evidence for a genetic link between Sudbury breccias and fenite breccias. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 19: 1174-84.
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