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Bell Lake


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: -90.97, Latitude: 49.82

Outcropping along the southern shore and on islands in Bell Lake, the alkaline complex intrudes Precambrian agmatitic granites, the contacts being variously chilled, faulted or gradational. There is along the southwestern border a partial ring of pyroxenite that appears to grade into monzonites, which are the dominant rock type of the complex. The monzonites comprise approximately equal proportions of alkali feldspar and sodic plagioclase, augite, biotite, amphibole and accessories. Detailed mineralogical data are not available. All but one of a wide range of rock analyses are nepheline normative.

TROWELL, N.F. 1983a. Geology of the Sturgeon Lake area Districts of Thunder Bay and Kenora. Report, Ontario Geological Survey, 221: 1-97.
Fig. 1_26 Location (black areas) of the Squaw Lake, Sturgeon Narrows and Bell Lake alkaline complexes (after Trowell, 1983a, Maps 2456, 2457 and 2485).
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