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Squaw Lake


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: -90.55, Latitude: 50.08

About half of this complex is hidden beneath Squaw Lake. It is intruded into Precambrian greenschist facies metavolcanics, the foliation of which is deflected around the complex. There is minor fenitization at the contact. Rocks of the complex are foliated and locally compositionally layered. They vary from quartz syenites, through syenites, to nepheline syenites and apart from quartz or nepheline and alkali feldspars, contain variable cancrinite, zeolite and sodalite, biotite, aegirine-augite, a little sodic amphibole, carbonate and opaques. Rock analyses are available (Trowell, 1983b, p.62).

TROWELL, N.F. 1983a. Geology of the Sturgeon Lake area Districts of Thunder Bay and Kenora. Report, Ontario Geological Survey, 221: 1-97. TROWELL, N.F. 1983b. Geology of the Squaw Lake - Sturgeon Lake area District of Thunder Bay. Report, Ontario Geological Survey, 227: 1-114.
Fig. 1_26 Location (black areas) of the Squaw Lake, Sturgeon Narrows and Bell Lake alkaline complexes (after Trowell, 1983a, Maps 2456, 2457 and 2485).
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