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Rossland Dyke


Occurrence number: 
British Columbia
Longitude: -117.85, Latitude: 49.12

Syenite of one of the Coryell Intrusions (see 031-00-036) is cut by a 1.5 m thick dyke in the col between Record and Granite Mountains. The rock contains about 5% polygonal pseudoleucites, augite prisms (37%), brown biotite (20%), apatite and magnetite and a matrix largely composed of material identical to that forming the pseudoleucites; this is difficult to determine, but probably comprises orthoclase, altered nepheline and zeolite. A chemical analysis is given by Daly (1912, p. 368).

DALY, R.A. 1912. Geology of the North American Cordillera at the Forty-Ninth Parallel. Memoir, Geological Survey of Canada, 38, part 1: 1-546.
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