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Ting Creek


Occurrence number: 
Northwest Territories, Yukon
Longitude: -126, Latitude: 60.42

Situated in the Beaver River area of the southeast Yukon, Ting Creek covers about 4 km2 and is the only known 'Laramide' intrusion in the northern Rocky Mountain Fold and Thrust Belt. The order of emplacement of the multiphase ring complex was phonolite and igneous breccia, quartz syenite, sphene-nepheline syenite, leucocratic nepheline syenite and tinguaite, foyaite and tinguaite, segregation veins and tuff breccia. Five magmatic suites have been identified on the basis of their chemistry by Harrison (1981) who has mapped the complex in detail (op.cit. Map 3).

53.1 Ma by K-Ar.
HARRISSON, R. 1981. Geochronology, petrography and geochemistry of a section of the Crevier alkaline igneous complex. In The St. Honore and Crevier niobium-tantalum deposits and related alkaline complexes. Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Excursion Guidebook: 40.
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