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Corrego Dos Bois (Rio Dos Bois)


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: -51.13, Latitude: -16.28

Corrego dos Bois is a complex intrusion of the Ipora Group, 5 km in diameter and covering 20 km2, emplaced in Precambrian granites and migmatites. It has a border zone of pyroxenites, peridotites, theralites and essexites around a large dunitic core; there are subordinate nepheline syenites. The dunites are granular olivine rocks with seams of opaques and with a little augite, biotite, zeolite, plagioclase and (?)sodalite. The essexites, apart from labradorite, Ti-augite and a magnesian olivine, contain orthoclase, nepheline, sodalite, biotite, hornblende, cancrinite and opaques.

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Fig. 1_196 The Ipora Group of occurrences of alkaline intrusions of central Goias.
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