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Mato Grosso
Longitude: -58.75, Latitude: -10.08

Canama is an oval-shaped intrusion of syenites of 21x12 km. The principal rocks are nordmarkites, but alkali granites also occur which are composed essentially of orthoclase or perthite with riebeckite, hastingsite/barkevikite, aegirine-augite, a little biotite and quartz and accessory apatite, zircon, sphene, fluorite and rutile (?perovskite). Strong geochemical anomalies for Ti, Zr, Nb etc. have been detected (Issler, 1977).

A whole rock Rb-Sr isochron (five syenites and a granite) gave 1175±15 Ma and K-Ar on biotite 1169±57 Ma (Issler, et al. 1974 quoting Basei, Radam unpublished internal Report).
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