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Oujda Area (Zekkara, Beni Oukil)


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: -2.07, Latitude: 34.52

To the north of Oujda there are extensive areas of basaltic rocks and to the south similar rocks occur but of more restricted extent. Amongst the basaltic rocks are analcime- and nepheline-bearing varieties. These are generally augite- and olivine-phyric rocks with feldspar, analcime, iron oxides and glass; biotite is relatively common and brown amphibole may occur. The analcime may form euhedral crystals with rings of inclusions. Nepheline is confined to the groundmass and may be included in analcime. Nosean or hauyne have been identified by Jérémine and Lucas (1950). Rock analyses will be found in Cherotzky (1977) and Jérémine and Lucas (1950); the latter paper also has photomicrographs.

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