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Longitude: 39.82, Latitude: 15.05

The northern basalt lava field of the Alid volcano (No. 3) is limited at its northern margin by the products of the silicic volcano of Jalua. This is a strato-volcano with a large central volcanotectonic depression open to the sea. The silicic rocks of the volcano are apparently peralkaline. There is fumarolic activity on the western flanks.

BARBERI, F., CHEDEVILLE, E., FAURE, H., GIGLIA, G., MARINELLI, G., SANTACROCE, R., TAZIEFF, H. and VARET, J. 1973. Geology of Northern Afar (Ethiopia) (with a geological map, scale 1:500,000). Revue de Geographie Physique et de Geologie Dynamique, Paris, 15: 443-89.
Fig. 3_66 Jalua and Alid (taken from 1:500,000 geological map of Northern Afar. Barberi et al., 1973).
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