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Upper Mareb Valley


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 39.02, Latitude: 14.65

A petrographic description of a tinguaite dyke is given by Manasse (1909), but few other details are available. It is a very fine-grained rock with a fluidal texture and comprises alkali feldspar, green pyroxene, probable lavenite, nepheline, magnetite, apatite and possible sodalite. A rock analysis is given. This may be the same as the tinguaite reported by Mohr (1962) as occurring near Azeo in the Mareb basin.

MANASSE, E. 1909. Contribuzioni allo studio petrografico della Colonia Eritrea. Siena.169 pp.MOHR, P.A. 1962 (reprinted 1971). The geology of Ethiopia. University College of Addis Ababa Press. Addis Ababa. 268 pp.
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