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El Ghurfa (Gabal El Ghurfa)


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 34.23, Latitude: 24.45

This intrusion, emplaced in Nubian sandstones, forms an annular ridge 1 km in diameter rising 25-30 m above wadi level. It is composed of latites which are cut by latite dykes that are also annular; the dykes contain sodic amphiboles. There is a further elongate latite intrusion to the southwest of Gabal El Ghurfa around which is a system of arcuate dykes of olivine basalt. Another intrusion 4 km to the south-southeast (El Ramly et al., 1971) consists of basalts and phonolites. Analyses of latite, phonolite and basalt are given by El Ramly et al. (1971).

EL RAMLY, M.F., BUDANOV, V.I. and HUSSEIN, A.A.A. 1971. The alkaline rocks of south-eastern Egypt. Geological Survey of Egypt, Paper, 53: 1-111.
Fig. 3_50 Gabal El Ghurfa (after El Ramly et al., 1971, Plate 13).
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