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El-Nuhud (Gebel El-Nuhud)


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 34.35, Latitude: 24.55

Two plugs approximately 12 km southeast of Abu Khrug, and 6 km apart, consist of sanidine, alkali feldspar, a little quartz, sodic amphibole and iron oxides. Analyses of two samples, including some trace elements, are given by Gindy et al. (1978).

K-Ar on trachyte gave 78 Ma (Higazy and El Ramly, 1960).
GINDY, A.R., KHALIL, S.O., EL RAMLY, M.F. and ARSLAN, A.I. 1978. Contributions to the petrochemistry and geochemistry of the alkaline rocks of Gabal Abu Khruq and Gabal El-Nuhud, South-eastern desert, Egypt. Chemie der Erde, 37: 285-301.HIGAZY, R.A. and EL-RAMLY, M.F. 1960. Potassium-argon ages of some rocks from the Eastern desert of Egypt. Geological Survey of Egypt, Paper, 7: 1-18.
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