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Congo (Kinshasa)
Longitude: 28.97, Latitude: -1.47

Rusongati is a 7 km long ridge orientated west northwest-east southeast at the western end of which nepheline syenite has been found, the same rock also occurring in a stream running southwards off the eastern end of the ridge. Outcrop is poor, the area being mantled by recent volcanic ash. The syenite is a rock of microcline perthite and albite, the feldspars containing small inclusions of calcite, interstitial nepheline, sodalite, aegirine, green biotite, titanite and melanite. A whole rock analysis is available.

DENAEYER, M.-E. 1958. Les syénites feldspathoïdiques du Kivu et leur rôle dans la genèse des laves des Virunga. Bulletin de la Société Belge de Géologie de Paléontologie et d'Hydrologie (Bruxelles), 67: 459-87.
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