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Pande (Mba Nsche, Donkou)


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 11.43, Latitude: 6.37

Mont Pande, situated 8 km southwest of Mayo Darle (No. 19), is a small hill comprising intrusive granites together with flows of peralkaline rhyolite. The granites contain riebeckite, aegirine and aenigmatite. The rhyolite is a pantellerite and, as described by Koch (1955a), contains rare phenocrysts of alkali feldspar, quartz and sodic amphibole in a trachytic matrix of feldspar, aegirine, riebeckite and rare aenigmatite. Some facies of the rock contain spherultic structures of quartz and riebeckite. Koch (1955a) gives rock analyses of aegirine- and riebeckite-rich types.

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