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Tchabal Gandaba


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 12.8, Latitude: 7.75

The map of Guiraudie (1955) indicates an area of basaltic lavas at Tchabal Gandaba with scattered outcrops of basalt, trachyte and rare rhyolite to the northeast and east. By comparison with other occurrences of these rocks on the Adamawa plateau they are likely to be alkaline.

GUIRAUDIE, C. 1955. Notice explicative sur la feuille Ngaoundéré-Ouest. Carte Geologique de Reconnaissance à l'échelle du 1/500,000. (O42). Paris.
Fig. 3_28 The Almi Guenfalabo, Tchabal Gandaba, Djinga and Tchabal Mbabo volcanic fields. The western end of the Ngaoundere field is also indicated. (after Carte Geologique de Reconnaissance du Cameroun, Ngaoundere-O. Guiraudie, 1955).
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