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Capunda (Vila Da Ponte)


Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 16.18, Latitude: -14.22

According to a map of Lapido-Loureiro (1973, p. 167) this occurrence comprises an elongate body of carbonatite of 2x0.6 km, but no petrographic details are given. The map also depicts extensive areas of 'syenite' in the vicinity of the carbonatite and these are assumed to be "the syenitic rocks of Vila da Ponte" of the text; they consist of microcline, arfvedsonite, aegirine-augite and biotite with accessory apatite, calcite and magnetite. A foyaite with 'large nepheline crystals' was also collected from this area.

LAPIDO-LOUREIRO, F.E. 1973. Carbonatitos de Angola. Memórias e Trabalhos do Instituto de Investigação Científica de Angola, 11: 1-242.
Fig. 3_17 Capunda (after Lapido-Loureiro, 1973, p. 166).
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