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Occurrence number: 
Longitude: 13.27, Latitude: -13.63

Chiuerinde is a separate intrusion lying immediately northeast of Lutala (No. 25), to which it is linked by two bodies of granite. It is approximately circular and 7 km in diameter. Little information is given by Pereira and Moreira (1977) but their map indicates it to be dominated by eruptive breccias within which is a body of alkaline trachyte. Arcuate intrusions of granite, some alkaline, have also been mapped.

PEREIRA, E. and MOREIRA, A. 1977. Sobre o complexo de estruturas anelares da Serra da Neve (Angola). Publicações do II Centenário da Academia das Ciéncias de Lisboa, Reconhecimento Científico de Angola: Estudos de Geologia, de Paleontologia e de Micologia. Lisboa. 97-120.
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