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Adrar N'Ajjer


Occurrence number: 
Hoggar (Ahaggar) Recent volcanism
Longitude: 8, Latitude: 25.08

The most northeasterly of the Hoggar volcanic fields Adrar n'Ajjer extends over about 90x40 km. No detailed accounts have been located but Fabre (1976) describes the field as consisting of basalts and phonolites with remarkably well preserved volcanoes. Two spinel peridotite xenoliths from Adrar n'Ajjer are included in the study by Dupuy et al. (1986).

DUPUY, C., DOSTAL, J., DAUTRIA, J.M. and GIROD, M. 1986. Geochemistry of spinel peridotite inclusions in basalts from Hoggar, Algeria. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 5: 209-15.FABRE, J. 1976. Introduction a la geologie du Sahara Algerien. Societe Nationale d'Edition et de Diffusion, Alger. 422 pp.
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